My name is Rick and I created this website to hopefully prevent the devastation to others that my wife and I have suffered from a group of drugs used to treat Parkinson's disease known as Dopamine Agonists.

My hope is that someone who is able will either help financially to better promote this website, or that a website designer will donate their time to design and promote its content. 

It is extremely important to me that no one else unnecessarily suffers this fate. Despite warnings on labels and physician’s warnings, there are many people that are still being hurt by these drugs which are known to cause impulse control disorders and lead to financial distress.

This is not intended to undermine any of the pharmaceutical manufacturers, as these drugs are very beneficial in treatment despite their side effects.

You will see in this website information regarding these drugs and how they work in helping people with Parkinson’s disease.  You’ll also see the devastation caused by these medications.  I have included my personal story of being placed on these medications two times, each leading to its own level of personal loss.  

I have included videos and articles made regarding the psychological effects from these drugs that lead to compulsive gambling and other compulsive issues. In speaking with my own neurologists and with others in the Parkinson’s disease support groups, I found that there are many more people that have suffered these consequences than what studies report.  And, also in the levels of devastation and amount of people affected that have lost their homes, spouses, family, and basically everything they’ve had.  Most people have a hard time speaking about it, or don’t realize yet there’s a problem.  Remember their mind is being altered by these drugs, which are good for treating Parkinson’s symptoms, but have devastating effects.

It’s a sad fact, but the drug information warnings and Physician warnings are not enough to prevent this from happening.  The Physicians can’t babysit us and by the time we realize how bad the situation is, it’s already too late.  And don’t expect the casinos to help, even though they are trained in what to watch for, they do nothing.  When people play casino games for 10, 12 or more hours and continuously return to the cashier to find different ways of getting money, never take a break to eat or go to their room and sleep, it’s obvious that their training is not incorporated into their work ethics.

So what is the answer?  To get this information out there, to make it more known, make people more aware that this is very real and these people are not to be compared with the compulsive gambler. Their impulse control issues arise from the medication being used and ends when the medication is discontinued. There are people that have never gambled before that suddenly start gambling when introduced to these drugs.

There are people like myself, that paid a 30-year mortgage in 9 years, and have been very financially responsible all their lives that suddenly start this behavior within weeks of starting treatment. People who have never been late with one payment in their life, who made two or three trips to the casino a year with a set amount of money do not just suddenly decide to go out and do this.

Part of the problem is, people refuse to believe this can be true and refuse to educate themselves on it. It doesn’t help when some of the most informative articles and videos speaking of higher percentages of people and the extreme damage being done suddenly disappear.  But there’s still enough information out there to be found if people look. I can tell you from my own personal experience, I had no idea what I was doing until I came off the medication. After being weaned off the medication for 28 days plus a couple more weeks for it to completely get out of my system, I sat and cried, with no understanding of how this happened and I remain that way months later. I have no interest in gambling, in fact the very thought of gambling makes me feel sick. I play online games, but there’s no thought of any wager.

When, and if, you decide to take the time to review the information on this website, you will come to understand how these drugs alter your mind, which again can be very beneficial for disease related issues but can be devastating in people’s life’s.  I can also tell you from personal experience, there’s nothing worse than being completely out of money, having everything that you worked for disappear, in fear of losing your home and family. But, the most hurtful thing is people turning away from you and treating you like a compulsive gambler after seeing how responsible you have been all of your life instead of taking the time to look into the issue.  If you know someone like this, it’s not just your everyday compulsive gambler; they need guidance, not that the compulsive gambler does not, but remember this is drug induced and they cannot comprehend what has happened or is happening until they are completely off the medication.