Requip (Ropinerole) is what I was taking; after many months of only or 4 or 5 hours of sleep, I could rest more again - But the drug that appeared to be so good had Demons hidden inside!

We came close to loosing everything and we are still fighting to recover and uncertain if we will make it:

We were finacially responsible people, and we are again since I went through the 24 day process of weaning off of this medication. Somebody that went from going gambling 2 or 3 times a year and had everything paid for just does not suddenly go out and do this. We paid for our home in less than 10 years and had no debt and now, because of this drug; We had to refinance our home and are $130,000 in debt with credit cards added. The interest on cards alone takes half of my SSDI!

Yes, they include label warnings now and your doctor/ neurologist should follow up with you. But, truth be told, most people will not tell their doctor because they think they can get a handle on it. By the time you realsize how bad it is it's already gone too far!

After being weaned off the pills, I could not comprehend how this happened. I could only describe it as waking up from a bad dream, something my neurologist said is what everybody says. The thought of going now sickens me and leaves me questioning how this could have possibly happened, I was not the same person, I don't know who it was.

This is very real people! And it hurts when friends and family view you as something that you are not. This is drug induced, people that are very "in control" of their finances and have gambled occassionally for years do not just all of a sudden change. And your neurrologist does not tell you "don't blame yourself, it's the medication" if it were not true!