Sep. 6, 2016

About Parkinson's disease

I had no idea what Parkison's disease was. The only thing I associated with it was shaking.

My shaking (tremors) are not that obvious, but are there and all over my body. I have Mylonic jerking which is comparable to sudden electrical jolt throughout your body; sometimes an arm or leg just kick out uncontrollably. There is difficulty sleeping, daytime fatigue that we make continuous adjustments in medication for. I have difficulty reading, cloudiness and diplopia. I suddenly start sweating doing nothing to the point were my clothes are soaked. Other problems are urinary leakage and constipation, confusion and forgetfullness, akwarness performing simple tasks, problems with balance, stiffness (cannot turn my head fully in either direction. Dystonia is the worse (not something everyone gets) and causes a great amount of pain and stiffness and the reason I cannot turn my neck. The worse thing for me is swallowing; the muscles in my throat are not functioning well which causes difficulty with swallowing and also choking. Parkinson's related dimentia can grow to a point where it looks like Alzhiemers.